Planterra Ridge Community Pool Rules

Pool Opens Saturday May 13th, 2017

Rules for Large Pool

  1. Pool entrance will be by swipe cards, each family will be issued two (2) cards. They are issued only to residents who are current with their HOA fees.
    1. Each resident is allowed two guests up to a maximum of 5 per family.
  2. Lifeguards enforce this policy as required by the Board of Directors.
  3. Parents or adults must be in the pool with their child if the child is unable to swim. Small inflatables, noodles and water wings are not a substitute for the parent/adult being in the pool with the child.
  4. Adult swim is for 15 minutes and is scheduled for the 15 minutes prior to the top of each hour.

Baby Pool

  1. No children over the age of 6 allowed in the baby pool
  2. No rough play will be permitted.
  3. Please do not allow your children to throw toys in or around the baby pool. 

Food Items

  1. Food items are allowed on the pool deck but you are asked to clean up before leaving the pool area.
    1. Ice cream is not allowed on the deck but is allowed in the pavilion area.
    2. No glass of any type is allowed on the deck or the pavilion area.
    3. Consumption of drinks in the pool is permitted around the edges of the pool deck only. No drinks of any kind should be carried away from the edge of the pool.
    4. Adults who appear intoxicated will be asked to leave the pool area.


  1. Language or behavior that is disruptive or offensive will not be tolerated and is cause for dismissal from the pool area.
  2. Smoking is NOT permitted on the pool deck but is allowed in designated areas in the pavilion.
  3. Diving from the edge of the pool is not permitted.
    1. Diving will be allowed with supervised instruction (i.e. paid lessons)
  4. No running on the pool deck is permitted, as deck can be slick.
  5. No child is allowed in the pool wearing a diaper that is not a swim pant.

Toys & Flotation Devices

  1. Rafts, large inner tubes or other large flotation devices are not permitted because they can create unsafe blind spots for the lifeguards.
  2. Small flotation devices are permitted such as kickboards, noodles, etc.
  3. Water guns and water balloons are not permitted on the deck or in the pavilion area.
  4. Hard balls of any sort may not be thrown or permitted in the pool. 5. The lifeguards will use their best judgment on the use of other items. 

Help Keep it Clean

  1. If you come from the volleyball area, please use the outdoor shower to remove the sand and keep it out of the pool. Parents should make sure their children also observe this rule.
  2. Lifeguards can ask anyone bringing sand into the pool to leave and shower.
  3. Any lost and found items will be kept for only 2 weeks. They will be disposed of after that time.

Disciplinary Action

1st Offense – Child is asked to sit out 30 minutes.
2nd Offense – Child is asked to sit out 1 hour and parents are notified.
3rd Offense – Child is not allowed in the pool for one week and no longer allowed in the pool area unless accompanied by a parent/adult.

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